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Top Tips for New Homeschool Moms

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The new school year is upon us and for most homeschooling families, we are either planning to start our new year soon or already have.  Somewhere, there is a mom who has just made the decision to homeschool, or maybe she’s been at it a year or two, but still feels overwhelmed and lost at times.

Is this you?

I remember being in that spot about 5 years ago.  I was confused, I didn’t know where to start, I was unsure if I could do it, I was excited, nervous, and scared all at the same time.  Yes, I’ve been there and that’s why I want to share some tips for new homeschool moms that I wish someone would have shared with me.

Thank you to Markie of My Life as Mrs. Cooks for this guest post in the Ready, set, homeschool! blog party.

Narrow Your Curriculum Options

When I first started, I wanted to and probably did buy every curriculum that someone told me was the best for my kids.  I know I’m not the only curriculum-hoarding homeschool mom, right?

Well, with that being said, my first tip is you do not need to buy every homeschool curriculum there is.  I know they all seem like they are the absolute best and that they would be the best fit for your child, but listen – they can’t all be the perfect fit.  One thing I have learned is that companies want to sell their curriculum so they will have a million scientific, “research shows” explanations of why their curriculum is better than the next one.

My advice to you would be to read reviews from homeschool parents who have actually used the material, go to a homeschool convention so that you can SEE and flip through the curriculum. Talk to your children and get to know their learning styles and what they like so you can see if that curriculum would be a good option for them in the first place!

Listen to Your Children

That brings me to the next tip: listen to your kids.  Don’t be afraid to ask your child what they want to learn or what are they interested in.  My first year, I just picked out all the same curriculum for all of my kids, of course, according to their grade level, but it all came from the same company.  I just assumed that they would all just use what I thought would be best.  Isn’t that what they do in a traditional school setting??

Because my kids are obedient, most of the time, they used it, but they were not happy with it. Uh-oh!  So I had to take a step back and work on my communication skills.  So now I have a form that I have my kids fill out.  I created this form to see not only what my kids’ interest were, but also to get their advice on ways I could improve.  Their education is for them, not me.  Of course, I had to make sure we were following our state laws, though.

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Know Your State’s Homeschool Laws

What’s my next tip for you?  You guessed it!  You really need to know your state’s homeschooling laws.  Although we have the freedom to homeschool, each state still has homeschool laws and we need to be sure we are following them.  I check them each year just to be sure there haven’t been any changes.  Some states are more strict than others, but if this is something you truly feel the Lord has to led you to do, He will make a way if it is in His will.

Relax and Stop Doubting Yourself

My last tip for you is to just relax, mama!  You got this!  No one knows your children better than you, stop doubting yourself because you were created for teaching your children!  Spend time with your children and just enjoy life.

Do not make this new adventure a stressful one.

Do not carry this responsibility by yourself; talk to your husband and God.

I made so many mistakes as a new homeschool mom and you know what you will too, but you don’t have to make the same ones I made! Lol

Since I’m always honest, I admit that I still make mistakes because I am not perfect and neither are my children.  But try to relax and enjoy each day of this new journey that you and your children will remember for always.

I pray that this will help alleviate most of your fear and jitters on starting this amazing new journey!  Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

Markie Cooks is a wife to one hardworking man, Mr. Cooks for 10 years, and a mama to 4 awesome kids and 2 fur babies. She has been homeschooling for 5 years and blogs at My Life as Mrs. Cooks about marriage, homeschool, parenting, and her life as a Christian. Markie is very passionate about homeschooling and loves to encourage other moms on their journey. She loves the Lord and works hard every day to be the salt and the light that He has called her to be. When she’s not blogging, vlogging, or schooling, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children. You may also catch her knitting or lost in a good book with a hot cup of tea.

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  1. These are some great tips I wish I’d known when I started homeschooling!

  2. These are some really great tips to remember! Thanks for posting!

  3. I love the idea of having a form for the kids for fill out about their interests and such. A good tip!

  4. These are great tips for new homeschooling families!! Awesome post!

  5. This is exactly what I would tell a new homeschooler too. Even though we’re not homeschooling anymore, they were five of the most special years of my life.

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