Herbal Tea for Pregnancy

Have you heard of pregnancy tea? You might have heard of red raspberry leaf tea, at least. There are various ways to make a nourishing tea during pregnancy and today I’ll share how I make mine. I first heard of “RRL tea” in natural living circles. These ladies were saying that red raspberry leaf tea could strengthen the uterus so contractions are more efficient and labor goes quicker. I’m allllll for that! Haha, well, that’s not true for everyone, but there are vitamins that you get from drinking pregnancy tea, so it is still worth it to drink up. You

My Favorite Home Remedies for Sick Season

Sick season is well upon us. I know most people call it “flu season,” but that’s what the conventional medical community has dubbed it as a push for the flu shot. The truth is, cold weather doesn’t make us sick, but we do tend to be cooped up more, sharing our germs with one another, and dealing with dry indoor air from a ventilation system that is circulating those germs. Our nasal passages can dry out and lack the mucus that is a protective mechanism for keeping the germies at bay. My family almost never gets sick, not even in

I Don’t Use Deodorant and You Shouldn’t Either

Did you know antiperspirant contains aluminum? It has been linked with cancer and generally speaking, you really don’t want metals in and on your body (your skin is your largest organ, after all). Aluminum has been linked with Alzheimer’s as well, although it’s debatable as to if use of antiperspirant with no other factors would cause this alone (I don’t think so, but metals accumulate so add other sources and you may be at higher risk). Either way, it is an endocrine disruptor and both men and women need to stay away from those. Deodorant does not contain aluminum but

What is the Adrenal Cocktail and Why Do I Drink It Every Day?

Fight or flight? Our adrenal glands are in charge of how we react to certain situations. But more importantly, chronic stress can really burn us out by taxing our adrenals too much, too often. These little glands, located above the kidneys, regulate our sympathetic nervous system, which directly and indirectly control so many of our bodily systems. One simple thing you can do to nourish your adrenals is to drink the adrenal cocktail every day. But what is it and why does it help? This article originally appeared on my old blog, Townsley Times. If you came here looking for

5 Steps to a Natural Lifestyle

We’ve all heard the term “crunchy,” but what exactly does it mean? It means different things to each person, and everyone is crunchy to differing extents, so there is no set definition of the term. Generally speaking, though, it means that you prefer natural means of doing things over using chemicals and conventional products. The mission of the crunchy mama is to raise healthy children (and be healthy herself!) by cutting out things that could overburden the body with detoxification instead of repairing the damage we incur through our day to day activities. This article originally appeared on my old