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In our home, we don’t do “Easter” as it were, with eggs and bunnies and those types of things. We focus on Jesus and his sacrifice and what it means for us, giving thanks to the Father! We call it “Resurrection Day,” so we fully grasp why this is such a momentous and joyous occasion. It can be hard to find resources to teach about the Resurrection in a kid-friendly way, so I set out to find activities for you to use in your home and homeschool during this time of year.

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The Arts

A few years back, I helped my girls make cross paintings on canvas in a bit of an unconventional manner! This would be a great art activity to use when discussing the cross. The paint ended up reminding me of the blood spilled during Jesus’ final trials on earth – you can choose to take that route or not with your kids. See this Instagram post for the details:

Helped the girls make some art for the house this morning. I guess it was part art and part nature activity. Step 1: Swerve to the side of the road to pick up a fallen evergreen branch. Try to break off a piece, but when you don’t succeed, just stick the whole branch in the back of your vehicle. Step 2: Prepare two pieces of canvas by taping a cross onto it. I used packing tape bc it was a good width but any tape would probably work. Step 3: Cut down your branch into small “brushes.” Use a rubber band or if you can’t find any, a hair tie also works. Throw branch into the woods behind your house. Step 4: Let children apply paint straight from the bottles. Washable acrylic is good…. Step 5: Use “brushes” to spread the paint around. They will leave a cool texture. Your kids will pretend to use them as brooms and fling paint everywhere. Step 6: Help children get all around where the tape is. It doesn’t matter what they do to the rest so long as the areas next to the tape are covered. Step 7: Let dry. Fight with children about nap time. Step 8: Remove tape carefully and show them their masterpieces. Figure out where to hang and hope you have the right hanging supplies on hand.

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His Mercy is New has directions for making a tomb cake using a bundt pan. It comes out looking very pretty and I’m sure it’s tasty as well.

Easter Fine Arts PagesEnrichment Studies has a fine art study featuring 14 printable art pieces that revolve around Jesus’s final days, such as the last supper and his journey to death.



Constitutional Literacy by Michael Farris


Annette from In All You Do offers several holiday music studies, including one focused on Resurrection Day. It has 68 pages and covers 10 different songs!



Bible Studies, Writing, and Reading About the Resurrection

In All You Do also has a FREE unit study on the Resurrection geared toward Pre-K to 8th grade, plus a roundup of many other ideas you can use to celebrate and share this event with your kids.

Katie of Paradise Praises has a couple of books available on Amazon for younger children. One is an activity book and the other is a Kindle edition that’s perfect for teaching young kids about why Jesus is our focus. She also has a FREE Easter Fun Kit on her site.


Julie Paquette has a list of prophecies and their fulfillment during the last few days leading to Christ’s death. You can use it as the basis of crafts for reinforcement or as a countdown to Resurrection Sunday.

Corine of Teaching Christ’s Children offers an activity book with seven lessons, from why we see palm leaves on Palm Sunday, ending with the Resurrection and how bunnies got into the mix. This one is great for groups as she allows up to 20 copies to be made with the regular license, or you can upgrade for a small fee to the large group license.


Write Shop has four free writing prompts for your older elementary student or middle schooler. They revolve around the life of Christ and help your child to consider how they can apply these events to their own lives.

Hands-On Activities

This is a fun activity for Holy Week, from Ashley of Faithful Little Hands. She shows you how to make “story stones” that use pictures to explain the last days of Jesus’ life. Perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.



The Domestic Notebook shared a fun Holy Week Calendar, where each day has a verse (reading or memory), craft, and sometimes a song. You put each day up on a large posterboard and decorate for each day.

One way to drive home the ultimate point of the Resurrection is this activity from New Nostalgia that uses a corkboard cross with tacks to “pierce” sins written on paper. This one suits older children as well and will help them be more introspective.


Resurrection Day Resources - We don't celebrate Easter here, we celebrate Jesus' resurrection. To help kids understand the difference, here are some resources. #Bible #homeschool #Easter #allthehomeschoolthings

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  2. What a wonderful idea to have the children paint the cross canvases incorporating Bible, art, and science (nature) studies all at the same time. When I saw that you used the evergreen tree branches, it kind of reminded me of the palm branches that were thrown on the road when Jesus rode into Jerusalem.

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