Need to Spruce Up Your Decor? (Review)

We have moved nine times in seven years. Four of those were cross-country relocations, and each time, we have gotten rid of stuff in an attempt to downsize. One of those times, we only packed my van, hubby’s truck and a 6×12 box trailer. We sold off most of our belongings and started fresh. But each time, I never seem to replace our decor. Or I buy stuff with the intention of putting it up and it only gets half done, or I don’t get to it (like my picture frame wall that I have yet to get pictures for).

Here again we are faced with having to move yet another time due to our rental being up for sale. Until we know for sure if we are going to have to move out, I don’t want to spend time putting holes in the walls and thinking about what would look juuuust right. But, I need something on the walls. Or just one wall. It seriously echoes in here….

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The opportunity to review a product from a faux plant company presented itself and I thought this was perfect. I was allowed to pick a product to review, up to a very generous $100! I considered my options, such as grasses and succulents, or maybe getting a pack of peony bushes and making my own creation. I settled on this beautiful lavender wreath. Stay to the end for a special discount!

While I did receive the wreath in exchange for a review, I was not required to give a positive review. This post details my honest opinion.

I love that it has different shades of purple and that the leaves and buds are true to what a real lavender plant looks like! It is one of my favorite plants but I don’t have time to care for indoor plants and I’m not even sure lavender would grow indoors anyway. I also am not sure I would dry the plant properly to make a wreath from real lavender. This silk flower wreath was the perfect choice for my sample product.

Need to Spruce Up Your Decor? Silk Plants Direct Review and Discount Offer - I chose a beautiful lavender wreath! It's the perfect size for a narrow wall in the kitchen or living area. #allthehomeschoolthings #wreath #silkplantsdirect

It arrived on my doorstep in under a week, and being right before Christmas, I was expecting eight thousand Amazon boxes. I didn’t pay attention to what it was when I brought it in and sort of chucked it into the house so I could hurry and get the door closed (hello, single digit temps). When I looked closer at the box, I realized I had just THROWN my wreath! I felt mortified at first but was ecstatic to open the box and see that it was totally fine!

Sneak peak of what Iā€™m reviewing next! 😍

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There were some hot glue “spider webs” as I call them on the wreath but I pulled them off and repositioned the branches that had gotten flattened down during shipping. I was impressed that the faux lavender sprigs were stuck into a grapevine wreath as the base and then hot glued down. This lent itself to being able to bend and direct the stems to where I preferred them to go. The site had the wreath listed at 20″ in diameter but it’s smaller by a couple inches. It may just be that I didn’t fluff it back up enough. Either way, it’s perfect for a narrow to medium size wall.
Need to Spruce Up Your Decor? Silk Plants Direct Review and Discount Offer - I chose a beautiful lavender wreath! It's the perfect size for a narrow wall in the kitchen or living area. #allthehomeschoolthings #wreath #silkplantsdirect
I considered different spots in the house but settled on this little wall between the kitchen and living room. Guests come in through both the front and back doors and it can be seen from both areas. It’s also directly next to where my toddler’s high chair goes when he’s eating, and he does sometimes toss his food so it worried me at first, but so far, so good, and he’s learned the word “purple” out of the deal. It would be a disaster if I needed to clean it but hopefully that’s a bridge we never have to cross.

Sometime I might try applying lavender essential oil to a cotton ball and hiding it on the wreath so we can get a lovely whiff of lavender as we pass from the kitchen to the living room.

Is it time to spruce up your decor or have you downsized so much that your home feels cold and stark? You can use the code BLOGGER10 to receive a 10% discount on anything except custom orders. Thanks so much to Silk Plants Direct and their sister company, Commercial Palm Trees, which sells fake palm trees on a wholesale basis.

Tell me in the comments what your favorite piece of decor is in your home — I need ideas!!


Need to Spruce Up Your Decor? Silk Plants Direct Review and Discount Offer - I received a beautiful lavender wreath! Here's what I did with it. #allthehomeschoolthings #wreath #silkplantsdirect