Minimalist(ish) Stocking Stuffers

If you know me personally, you know I struggle with holidays and giving and receiving. Last year I was very outspoken against participating in Christmas, much to hubby’s chagrin, so we have compromised this year and will do a few things at his request. One of those things is to do stockings again.

As a minimalist at heart (but not so much in practice – it’s a goal I’m always working toward), I came up with some ideas for stocking stuffers that will be enjoyed by the kids but not be a bunch of little China cheapies that will get tossed by the wayside (cluttering up the floor), break easily, or be hazardous to their health.

This article originally appeared on my old blog, Townsley Times. If you came here looking for this particular article but thought you were going to a different site, never fear, you’re actually in the right place. 🙂

Minimalist(ish) Stocking Stuffers for Kids - Ideas for kids' gifts that are useful, classic, not plastic, consumable, utilitarian, etc. But things kids will still LOVE! #giftideas #Christmas #stockingstuffers #homeschool #allthehomeschoolthings

Click here to see my Amazon list of 50 ideas for minimalist(ish) stocking stuffers for kids! These include items that are useful, classic, not food (no candy!) and/or consumable. There are options for all ages including babies and teens (most are geared toward elementary age, though).

What stocking stuffers would you add to my list?