Keeping Your Sanity When All Your Kids Are Little

You start out with one baby. He takes up a lot of your time, day and night. But eventually you find your groove and all is well.

You might add another baby a year or two later. And now you have two little people to take care of, but no additional help. But eventually you find your groove there, too.

Baby #3 comes along. And another. And maybe more after that. You always eventually find a balance and a swing to things, but you often feel like you’re not holding it all together so well. All these little kids who are so needy and aren’t able to help much yet.

Sometimes you fear you may be losing your mind. Just kidding…but not really. Right?!

We pretend we have it all together but….

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Constitutional Literacy by Michael Farris

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Keeping Your Sanity When ALL Your Kids Are LITTLE! Tips from a mom of four kids, ages 6 and under. #homeschool #family #kids #allthehomeschoolthings