Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair Review

After we added our fourth child to our family, it dawned on me that with an 18 month age gap between her and my third child (my ALL BOY child who likes to run, climb and throw food), I would need two high chairs, or at least a booster seat for my son. In looking for a play yard on the Walmart site, I saw a set that includes a play yard, a bouncer and this high chair, the Ingenuity Trio. I don’t need all that, but the high chair popped up on my Facebook feed after that (eyeroll…they are always watching) and it showed this high chair taken apart into a toddler booster and a space saving high chair (the kind that straps on a chair). What the what?! I thought it was a genius idea! I ended up purchasing it on Amazon during a price drop coupled with my baby registry discount so it was a GREAT deal!!! I get excited about stuff like that.

This article originally appeared on my old blog, Townsley Times. If you came here looking for this particular article but thought you were going to a different site, never fear, you’re actually in the right place. 🙂

I ended up making a YouTube video with the bulk of my review since there are some things that are best demonstrated versus written. But, I forgot to mention a few things (this is my second YouTube video and I’m not really that great at ad libbing, so my list of talking points went right out the window, plus I can’t get my microphone to work so the sound quality is unfortunately not great!). Plus not everyone can watch with sound on so I figured I’d type it all up anyway.

You can watch my video review here, and find my full written review below it. (It has my old branding, just FYI.)


This review is for the Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair. You can find it on Amazon, which, of course, is my favorite because Prime. But Walmart should have it still, too, and I think maybe Target.

First, it is very easy to assemble. It took maybe 5 minutes. I will say the directions aren’t great, but it’s easy enough to figure out. Just pay attention to what goes where when assembling the legs.

The main draw of this for me was that I can use the high chair part strapped to a regular chair, and the base of it becomes a toddler seat. I’m currently using it as a normal high chair since we need to buy a new dining set (so the toddler uses our older high chair, and the baby can sit with us in the new one). It is easy to separate the toddler base from the high chair part — just grab the release handle and off it comes. The high chair has straps stored in the base of it for strapping it to a chair. It has two straps, one for underneath the chair and one for around the back so it’s nice and secure. Snapping the high chair back into the toddler base is super simple — you just click it in. Nothing to line up just so or strap down. The back of it snaps together but the front does not, so when there’s no baby in it, it seems unsafe, like the chair might fall off the base, but once the baby is in it and weighs it down, you can see that seat is not going anywhere.


What I really like about the high chair is that it has a five point harness instead of just the three points that most high chairs have. That’s great for smaller babies who can’t sit up by well by themselves yet, and it’s also great for escape artist toddlers! The toddler base only has a three point harness, well, ’cause there’s nothing for shoulder straps to attach to. The top two points on the high chair are optional so you can undo them if you want and not use them. Also, the two sides release independently so it is harder for baby to try to get out of it. Speaking of getting out, sometimes baby’s legs get caught when you try to pull her out (it’s on wheels so it moves), so I usually will hook my foot behind one of the front wheels so it holds the base steady while I get her out of the high chair.


The tray on the high chair has two parts, and baby can eat off both of them, which is nice for when she might make a mess and I need to remove that top part to clean it and possibly forget to wash it in between meals (not me, no, never! haha). The top tray is easy to remove and set back in place. The bottom part slides in and out of the high chair, like a typical high chair, although it does feel a bit cheap. The overall size of the tray is average, maybe a tad smaller than average, but definitely big enough.


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Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair Review - This high chair can be used as a space saver, traditional high chair, or as a toddler booster! The price point is right also. Click for full review. #toddler #highchair #babygear #allthehomeschoolthings
The high chair does recline in traditional mode and in space saving mode. There is a bar present at the bottom of it so the whole seat won’t butt up against the back of a chair when placed in space saving mode, and this allows the seat to recline just like it would in traditional mode. (This is one thing best demonstrated so please watch the video if you can.) This is awesome for if the child falls asleep after they eat.


The toddler base will accommodate up to 50 pounds of kid, so I actually used it to cut my older girls’ hair the other day! Gave ’em a little trim and the chair held up with no issues whatsoever. They are six and four right now. My toddler loves this chair as he can climb up in it by himself, and he tries to strap himself in, too. It is the perfect height for a regular height table but I’m not sure it would be tall enough for a counter height table. The high chair tray also would probably get in the way if you used it as a traditional high chair. It might be okay if you used it in space saving mode on a chair that came with the table. The legs DO NOT telescope so you cannot adjust the height of the chair at all. That is a downside in my opinion, but not a big one since I don’t have a counter height table.


Quality. It is pretty good quality; the cover is cushy and comes off easily to wash it. I have not washed it yet so can’t speak to how it holds up. The cover does not cover the sides of the bottom part of the seat all the way so you might find yourself cleaning food off the plastic. Not a big deal for me. It is lightweight but feels sturdy. I am not worried about it tipping or anything. The mechanism for the recline feels a little flimsy, but again, it works just fine (I just wonder how long before it starts messing up, though). There is a handle on the back of the seat to recline it and there is a plastic piece to cover the handle and on mine, it keeps popping off (it even did it for my video). I cannot get it to stay on! It works just fine without it; again not a big deal for me but it would be nice if they made it so that didn’t happen. It could just be mine. The base of the high chair is curved in an ergonomic way so baby sits nicely in it. My toddler fit just fine in the high chair as well (he’s currently 23 months, 28 pounds and like 33″ with a long torso and short-ish legs).
I really like the Ingenuity high chair a lot so far. If my opinion ever changes, I will update this. I love that I can buy just one chair and use it for two kids (or all four, as the case was!), and I love that it’s more affordable than many other high chairs on the market. It seems to hover around $69 at the time of this writing. There is other Ingenuity baby gear you can purchase that matches this and Walmart does offer the bundle so check into that if you’re needing more than just a new high chair.