Deals So Good I Feel Like I’m Stealing

Do you ever get such a good deal on something that you feel like you’re stealing?? I used to feel like that a lot during my couponing days. Maybe it’s just me. But I made out like a bandit with the Build Your Bundle sale this year! I have never shopped it before and was overwhelmed by my choices at first, but I followed the procedure I laid out in my post last week about it and it made my decision so much easier!

I want to detail what I ended up doing and what products I am most looking forward to using. Maybe my mini-reviews of these resources will help you with your own choices. At the end, I share some of my best tips for getting the absolute best deal…so you can feel like you’re stealing, too. Lol

This article originally appeared on my old blog, Townsley Times. If you came here looking for this particular article but thought you were going to a different site, never fear, you’re actually in the right place. 🙂

Bundles I Picked

I did two transactions for B2G1 with the premade bundles! So I got six bundles altogether, including one for my giveaway winner. Here is how it breaks down:

So that one cost me just $25!

This one cost me $78 and I can use part of it toward a tax writeoff. 😉 I took a look at the upper grades products as I was downloading everything for my winner and there is some GREAT stuff in there! However, since it’s not for me, I had to delete it all to honor the copyright of these publishers. We keep things on the up and up here.

2018 Build Your Bundle Sale - What I Got! These are deals so good they made me feel like I was stealing. #allthehomeschoolthings #BYB2018

Constitutional Literacy by Michael Farris

Of the products I get to keep, my favorites so far include:

  • a couple of the products from the Mystery Bundle (just get it, y’all!!)
  • Let’s All Get Along (Bible study for siblings in the Bro/Sis Bundle)
  • American Girl history units (Bro/Sis)
  • Smart Woman’s Guide to Working from Home (Homemaking Bundle)
  • DIY Breakfast Station guide (Homemaking)
  • Blogging Basics Bootcamp (Homemaking)
  • Mystery of History audio files (Elementary #1)
  • Animals in Time (looks super interesting! From Elementary #1)
  • Learning About Science Collection (Elementary #1)
  • Exploring Artists Lapbook (Unit Studies)
  • John Adams Complete Unit Study (Unit Studies)
  • Vikings Interactive (Unit Studies)
  • 12 Sons of Jacob (Unit Studies)

Overall, I spent $103. These products, at retail price, would have cost me $1515.43! Wow! That is a savings of $1412.43, or 93% off. I didn’t even realize it added up to that much. I’m a little in shock right now! *off to tell hubby how much I saved him*


I also did a B2G1 with the Build Your Own. I did three of the bundles with 5 products for $25, and used a $5 coupon (the presale coupon good on BYO bundles), so it ended up being 15 total products for $45. I am still downloading things but the ones I’m really excited about are:

  • Art History Through the Ages, Volume 2 (Upper Grades #1)
  • Paul’s Journeys (Upper Grades #1)
  • Periodic Table Notebooking Pages (Upper Grades #1)
  • Armor of God Leader’s Guide and Student Book (Character Bundle)
  • Children Around the World Activity Book (Elementary #3)
  • Nifty Fifty (Elementary #3)
  • Biblioplan’s Early Modern audiobook (Charlotte Mason Bundle)
  • Maestro Classic’s Peter and the Wolf audio and lapbook (Fine Arts)

That comes to a value of $166.78, and I paid $45. Still a great deal and I know I will use ALL of what I chose. It’s a savings of $121.78, or 73%.

2018 Build Your Bundle Sale - What I Got! These are deals so good they made me feel like I was stealing. #allthehomeschoolthings #BYB2018

In total, I spent $148 for $1682.21 worth of products. That is 88% overall savings. But keep reading….


EVERY purchase comes with the Bundle of Bonuses, which includes over $300 worth of freebies and discounts. I was browsing through it earlier and have already downloaded:

  • Labor Day unit study ($20 value)
  • Pencil control workbook for my 4yo ($5 value)
  • Rocks and minerals lapbook that will be perfect for our geology unit ($8 value)
  • Calligraphy for beginners (that one might be for me – $6.99 value)
  • Family fun pack with a kids’ cookbook, parent/child “date” ideas, and a couple other things ($16.95 value)
  • A biography e-book ($12.95?)

These were all FREE! They add up to almost $70 worth of free goodies in addition to the savings I already had from purchasing the bundles themselves! I will have to look further at the discounts to decide if there is anything else we will be needing. There are other freebies I didn’t take advantage of because they wouldn’t fit our homeschool, but they might fit yours!

Keep scrolling for buying tips!

2018 Build Your Bundle Sale - What I Got! These are deals so good they made me feel like I was stealing. #allthehomeschoolthings #BYB2018

Tips to Get the Best Deal

A couple of things you’ll want to consider if you want a lot of the bundles or products.

  1. Do your B2G1 in multiple transactions. The system will automatically take off the cheapest bundle or bundles, so if you have three of the $29 bundles in your cart, one will be free, but if you have other items that are cheaper, the system will take off the two cheapest instead of your third $29 one. So you would want to do it like this:
    • Elementary #1 ($39)
    • Elementary #2 ($39)
    • Elementary #3 (FREE – normally $39)
    • Unit Studies ($19)
    • Homemaking ($15)
    • Mystery Bundle (FREE – normally $10)
    • and so on…in SEPARATE transactions!
  2. Use coupons! If you signed up during the presale (the giveaway, coupon code, and free portfolio pack), you should have received a $5 coupon code on Monday the 7th when the sale started. If you have made a purchase already, you might have received another coupon inviting you to take a discount on anything you may have forgotten.
  3. Build Your Own bundle if you aren’t too sure you would use enough of the items in the pre-made bundles. You can still do a B2G1 if you love enough of the products! You would end up getting:
    • 15 products for $50
    • 30 products for $78
    • 15 premium products (valued at $20+) for $78
  4. Don’t want any of the bundles? There are premium products you still should consider! Examples are the at an exclusive BYB discount, some high school science courses, a virtual assisting course, and piano lessons you can do at home!

So there you have it! I’d love to know what you end up purchasing! I’m already excited for next year’s sale. Ha!