How To Hear God and See Him Moving in Your Life

Having trouble hearing God? God communicates with us in different ways, but the best suggestion you’ll get from most is to get in the Word. How else can you know what to look for if you aren’t familiar with the character of the Almighty?

Slowing down is an important part of the equation, too. If we allow ourselves to get lost in the chaos of life, to be busy all the time (and what is “busy” anyway?), how can we sit still for long enough to hear Him? He does tell us to be still and know that He is God. He is telling us to be still. There’s no question about that one. We can’t see Him moving if we can’t slow our own selves down.

I struggled so much with this as a baby Christian, though. I asked everybody how they know what God wants and I never really got a straight answer other than “just read your Bible and pray.” Okay…I was doing that. But I didn’t see the signs He was giving me yet. I was probably trying too hard, and in my constant trying, I wasn’t being still enough.

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How to Hear God and See Him Moving In Your Life - Do you struggle to hear what God is telling you? Knowing what path He is calling you down? This looks different for each of us but here are some testimonies that may help you figure this out. #faith #Bible #allthehomeschoolthings

For me now, there are a few ways I know God wants my attention. Usually I see things coming up again and again. It only takes twice now for me to start paying attention. Things don’t always mean what I think they mean at first, so there is always an element of waiting involved. Usually the big decisions are not even in my hands but in my husband’s. In this way, God has taught me A LOT about what biblical submission looks like over the years! That’s a topic for another day, but He is teaching me patience in all of this, too. Not just getting me to pay attention to where He is guiding us, but really driving home the point that He is in control and that I must ultimately wait for Him to urge my husband to act on these bigger things, such as relocation and job opportunities. Stepping out in faith is a bit harder for him as he’s the sole provider for our family. He has a lot resting on his shoulders and wants to be sure we are doing the right thing.

Another way God speaks to me is through what others might just chalk up to coincidence. I have had too many times where things just line up perfectly, or stepping stones were laid out before us to guide our path. Sometimes I second guess and I find I’m not rewarded in the same way as when I step out in faith. While it’s not about the rewards, it’s about obedience, we have seen time and again in the Bible where God’s servants are not immediately obedient or have second guessed Him. It doesn’t go well for them (belly of a fish, anyone?)

I asked some friends (13 of them!) to also share what this looks like for them. Above all, the old advice to read and pray is right. But perhaps this post will shed some light on the ways God communicates with us, because there are as many ways as there are Christ-followers.

Constitutional Literacy by Michael Farris

Kayla from the Accidental Nomad Life says:

“I hear God most when I pray after reading scripture. I generally journal my praying, including the verse/passage that spoke to me, and the Holy Spirit seems to take over my thoughts and words begin to come.”

How to Hear God and See Him Moving In Your Life - Do you struggle to hear what God is telling you? Knowing what path He is calling you down? This looks different for each of us but here are some testimonies that may help you figure this out. #faith #Bible #allthehomeschoolthings

Rebekah H. from Hargraves Home and Hearth says:

“For me, it looks like a thought that will pop into my head – something I should do, a verse, an encouraging thought, etc. And when I know it is truth that lines up with Scripture (His primary way of speaking to us), then I know it was Him.”

Tiffany of Hope & Joy in Christ shares:

“So often I will be praying about something and sense God answer through a song. Like today…I’m stressed about a disagreement with hubby and praying, “God I’m not strong enough to keep fighting,” and the song “God of Angel Armies” began to play as our invitation… God whispered to me that He is strong enough to fight for me.”

Rebekah T. of Surviving Toddlerhood explains:

“I often hear God’s voice in the things I tell my children. For example: ‘If you loved me, you would obey me.’ {Ouch!} and ‘You need to let Jesus help you change your attitude.’”

Sara at Uncommon Grace shares this testimony:

“I don’t believe in coincidences – God has nudged me in the direction He has wanted me to go more times than I can count. Opening doors and closing others has just been the beginning – sometimes He has put things on my heart that have weighed so heavily that I have known I will never be able to escape it until I do it. Like stepping out on faith. Like becoming a foster parent. Like adoption. Like praying for a friend that I can’t get off my mind even though I know everything is okay…and then I come to find out everything isn’t okay at that particular moment. Like getting sick at the exact time that meant my college plans changed completely and what I ended up doing was exactly what I needed in preparation to foster…and then to adopt. He knew what I needed before I did and I am thankful that He is a God who uses everything to His glory and wastes nothing when He calls us.”

Lindsey of Lindsey to Liberia explains:

“God speaks to us in storms many times because it is the moment we are listening most because of our desperation for Him. Had God spoken this to Job before the storm, Job may have been too proud to hear it or may not have been listening. Had God removed Job from the storm before speaking to Him, Job may have resented Him for the storm or had closed his heart to His teaching. Storms are inevitable. But God’s timing in His speaking is perfect and He always has our best interest in mind.

Can’t we relate? I sure can. In the storm, God speaks and teaches me in ways I couldn’t learn if He were to bring me out of the storm or keep me from the storm in the first place. Storms are miserable, uncomfortable and sometimes scary, but always an opportunity. I just have to be seeking Him and listening for His voice…

God will graciously allow storms in our lives. Yes, you read that correctly. It is in God’s GRACE and MERCY that He allows storms in our lives. In His wisdom, He knows storms will grow us closer to Him, and He knows life with Him is much more full than us trying to do life with our own strength and abilities, away from Him. His thoughts and ways are above mine.

This storm, I heard God’s voice through the story of Job. And I hope you did too. Take heart, friend, and don’t just wait for the storm to pass, listen to His voice in it.”

How to Hear God and See Him Moving In Your Life - Do you struggle to hear what God is telling you? Knowing what path He is calling you down? This looks different for each of us but here are some testimonies that may help you figure this out. #faith #Bible #allthehomeschoolthings
Kassie of Cypress Ministries explains:

“When I first was baptized…I just [kept] having this vision in my heart and I would wake up with praise songs in my heart. I can remember so many times I would wake up thinking the radio was on…but it wasn’t. Then I would go to read my devotionals for the day, and certain verses that fit exactly what I was waking up to were there! Or I would be praying and I could “hear in my spirit” and see and know what I should be writing! And either the same day or next the same topic and verses would come up! So I just started taking steps of faith. And then waited to see.

If you want to know just where to start…wherever God leads you. When I realized God had my heart…I felt like I was really hearing Him, because things would happen that could have only been a God thing! But when I tried to share it with my friends, they thought I was nuts! Even some of my friends who were Christians were skeptical. So I started questioning myself. And then one day something happened that could have only been God. So I decided to go on that versus what everyone else was telling me. And I look at where I am now and in my writing and published books and my ministry…it has truly been God. But stepping away from those close to me, going against the grain from my family and stepping out in faith was very hard. And yes, I’ve made mistakes along the way and had to back track a few times because I got ahead of God. But I’m learning that when we seek Him, we really do find Him…and He confirms in ways that are personal to us.”

Joanna of By Grace and Coffee says:

“I’m still a baby Christian myself. I wasn’t raised in a church and I never even opened a bible until a few years ago (6 years ago, to be exact). I know what it’s like to wonder if or how God talks to us.

For me, I have Truth Moments. I have an epiphany that lines up with God’s Word and I know it’s Him talking to me. If I’m struggling with something or see someone struggling with something, I’m reminded of His Truth and what I need to do. Sometimes He reminds me of a bible verse or a worship song lyric, or He states it in a simple phrase. Suddenly things become so clear and I feel a push to do or say something. So, if you hear your conscience talking to you, feel something in your gut, or have an epiphany, and it lines up with His Word, it could be God talking to you. We have to be tuned in to Him and know His Word to know when He’s actually talking. We can’t be lukewarm in our faith or His voice will always be unclear to us.”

Teri of Godsygirl says:

I know it will sound strange to some, but God seems to talk to me in that “still small voice” in my heart. Really! Then, maybe because He knows I’m hard-headed, He almost always seems to confirm it in something I read in the Bible or something someone says or preaches. It’s uncanny and never ceases to amaze me.”

Leah from Shelemah writes:

“I’ve learned over the years that God will use the language that makes sense to you and develop a vocabulary with you. For me, a lot of how He speaks to me is through nature and certain things have come to represent specific messages He’s wanting to communicate to me. This post I wrote is about learning to hear his voice and discern it from the other voices you may be hearing.”

Sharon at Thriving Beyond the Borders shares:

“God speaks to me in 3 major ways. When I have all 3 of these, I know that it’s a go. First, I have a word from the Lord; next, I have a peace in my spirit; and finally, the circumstance lines up. Of course there are other ways He speaks to me like dreams and visions, [or] through someone else. But I have followed this plan for over 36 years.

There are times that I will have a dream and when I wake I can’t shake it. So I will pray on it until I know its interpretation.”

Lindsey at Loving the Wounded Child says:

“God speaks to me in many ways. I didn’t always hear his voice, but once I understood that He is always speaking and we just have to “tune in” to hear His voice, I began to recognize His voice through many avenues.

I believe the first thing we need to remember is that His Word (the Bible) is there for all of us and it should be the primary place we go to hear from Him. When I invite the Holy Spirit into my reading time, He will illuminate certain passages and they will nearly jump off the page and speak to me. Dreams are another way I hear from God. When God is speaking to me in dreams, they have a very different “feel” from my regular dreams. They are usually more vivid and I often have several dreams in a row with a specific theme. Occasionally, I receive very specific pictures or visions in my waking hours.”

Lucretia Cargill writes:

“If you are not hearing God’s voice, examine your heart. The Bible says, “Examine [scrutinize, discipline] yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove [test, approve] your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates [unapproved, rejected, worthless]?” (II Corinthians 13:5). Ask the Lord to reveal to you anything that is hindering your relationship with Him, and then obey Him. Ask God to give you ears to hear, and a pure heart.”

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  1. I love this! It’s great to hear so many different perspectives, since He speaks to each of us differently. Thank you for sharing this and thank you for bringing so many of our voices together.

    • Thanks for your comment and your contribution! I love learning from other Christians and seeing the various testimonies to His goodness!

  2. Very good insight. We need to know we can hear from God.

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