Get Back on Track with Meal Planning After the Holidays

It’s so easy to veer off the course of eating well during the holiday season. October through December involve so many activities, especially for homeschoolers! The meal plan sort of fades from existence and you just wing it…which we know never ends well.

That all changes now! It’s time to get back on track after all the holiday indulgence. Please join me over at Outmatched Mama today as we discuss how to transition back into a meal planning routine. I give some tips for how to accommodate for what is in your pantry (or not) after holiday cooking and how to manage this alongside starting back with homeschool activities. Stay to the end for a $10 off code to try grocery pickup at Walmart.

This article originally appeared on my old blog, Townsley Times. If you came here looking for this particular article but thought you were going to a different site, never fear, you’re actually in the right place. 🙂

My guest post on Outmatched Mama is part of the 31 Days to Conquer the Homeschool Slump blog party. This time of year can be a struggle and 31 bloggers have come together to help you tackle your problem areas and get refocused on homeschool and life in general. We are hanging out in this Facebook group, please join us! Since it’s a party, there are “door prizes” for some of the articles and also giveaways. I pray that the party is a blessing for all who participate! Let’s get out of our slump and get the show on the road!

This post is also linked up at the Homeschool Review Crew!

Getting Back on Track with Meal Planning After the Holidays - Slump got you down? Here is one way to get yourself back on track! #allthehomeschoolthings

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  1. I meal plan too!! It is really a big help since I homeschool and do work a little bit (at home job), my biggest help since Christmas has been my Instant Pot!! Oh my goodness, this appliance has really saved me some time and clean-up is a breeze too!!

  2. I am going to have to check that out! I am so in love with my Instant Pot too, my poor stove is getting no use lately!!

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