When Doubt Comes Creeping In – Christian Encouragement for Your Homeschool

Or maybe it comes crashing in. Maybe this school year seems daunting. Maybe you had someone question your abilities to homeschool your child. Maybe your child isn’t into it. You’re behind, or your child is behind. You’re unorganized. Your curriculum isn’t working.

Whatever the reason for it, you’re unsure of yourself and it’s making you doubt that you can teach your children effectively.

We all go through times like this. And I’m here to tell you, it’s okay. You’ll get through it. Today I want to give you a little encouragement for your homeschool.

This article originally appeared on my old blog, Townsley Times. If you came here looking for this particular article but thought you were going to a different site, never fear, you’re actually in the right place. 🙂

Seasons Are Short

Ecclesiastes talks about a season for everything. Think about the grand timeline of life. How many years do we have with our kids — to raise, teach, and train them before they move on to adulthood? On a smaller scale, how many stages of life do they go through in that time frame? We have infancy, toddlerhood, young childhood, tween years and teen years. They are each a challenge in their ways, even without adding in homeschooling.

But time marches on and our current problems do pass. And we are better for it. We learn and the next time we encounter that issue, it’s a little easier to handle, usually. Just like the weather gradually changes with each season, we will gradually move to the next season and our current challenges will fade away.

A Little Help From Your Friends

It helps to have friends who understand and can lift you up when you’re down. Even if all they can do is offer prayers and a hug (and sometimes it’s a virtual hug). God places people in our lives who can help us through tough times. Never take them for granted!

Count Your Blessings

Instead of focusing on the doubts and worries, consider your abundant blessings. Take it down to the basics even! A roof over your head, food on the table and gas in the tank. The fact that you can even homeschool to begin with! Be thankful for your beautiful children and that you can watch them learn. It’s so neat to see the wheels turning or when that light bulb goes off after they’ve struggled with something.

Life of a Homeschool Mom

Constitutional Literacy by Michael Farris

Consider the Ramifications of Not Staying the Course

Take a look at examples of doubt in the Bible. Adam and Eve partaking of the fruit and not trusting that God had a reason for telling them not to eat from that specific tree. Sarah laughed when God told her she would become a mother in her old age. Peter doubted when Jesus asked him to step off the boat and walk on the water. They all lacked trust in the Lord.

What did Mary do? As far as we know, both she and Joseph went with it when they were informed of her miraculous pregnancy and what to name their son. They were faithful and obedient. And they were rewarded for their faithfulness. What higher honor than raising our Messiah and watching him grow!

But Also Consider Your Options

God has ordained certain things for us. This sometimes includes our feelings and doubts, not just things that happen to and around us. He plants seeds in our hearts and leads us to choices we may not otherwise make without His prompting. If you’re feeling doubtful, maybe consider what you could do differently. What can you improve upon? Can you streamline a process or cut it out entirely? Is there an efficiency that is lacking? Or maybe you are having a heart issue that you need to pray about or use as a teaching moment. Either way, always pray for guidance because as stated in Philippians 4, we can do anything God sets for us with His help. James 1:5-8 further says to ask for help and have faith in God’s response!

My dear homeschooling mom, you can do this.

When Doubt Comes Creeping In - Homeschool moms often doubt themselves and even their children at times. You don't need to do this...God is on your side! #homeschool #allthehomeschoolthings

5 replies to When Doubt Comes Creeping In – Christian Encouragement for Your Homeschool

  1. Doubt will come sneaking in! This is a great article and right on time. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. I agree! It is so imperative as mamas in this culture to seek the Word rather than the world for wisdom and to be renewing our minds on a continual basis, seeking His will for our family. It can certainly be a challenge at times when you start to allow yourself to compare to others. With all of the constant stimulation from social media and articles upon articles about literally everything these days, we must remember to return to the Word. Thanks for sharing this, Andrea. Press on, my sister!

  3. What has been hard for me is, I feel very pressured that the government is involved. I made a really dumb choice and read an article about a homeschooling family who got their kids taken away, and I’ve been losing my mind since. Ever since then, I have felt like I’m not doing enough or I’m going to screw them up. Which, is actually totally stupid, because I know that’s not the case….but, it doesn’t stop it from creeping up and choking me on occasion. Sigh. I guess it all goes back to trusting the Lord.

    • Those articles circulate sometimes and I honestly believe there is usually more to the story that is not always told to us. I think it would take a lot to truly screw it up! Keep the faith, mama.

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