Creating Your Summer Bucket List

Creating Your Summer Bucket List

Bucket lists are fun to do during summer! It’s a time when public and private schools are out so there are tons of kid-friendly events and activities going on. Even though homeschoolers have the option to school through the traditional summer break, we can always add in special trips out of town or random and fun activities around the house.

Here’s how you can create your own bucket list to maximize summer fun. I would suggest writing it all down on a sheet of paper or in a note on your phone and then copying it to a posterboard or decorative page so you can display it and check items off as you do them.

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First, do a brain dump. This is when you brainstorm alllll the ideas you and your kids have. Make sure you call it that, too. Your kids will laugh and repeatedly laugh about that term for the rest of the day. (Okay…maybe don’t call it a brain dump.) Anyway, get out all the ideas in your head and be sure to ask your kids what their thoughts are!

Now you want to look into what’s going on around your town during this time frame. Check the following for their event calendars:

  • local libraries
  • parks and rec
  • city/town/village of ______
  • community groups that are active in your area
  • farms
  • swimming pools, water parks, or splash pads
  • sports, dance, gymnastics, martial arts centers
  • family fun centers, trampoline parks, mini golf courses, arcades, etc.
  • bowling alleys and skating rinks
  • music venues
  • playhouses
  • Home Depot
  • colleges and universities
  • YMCA
  • racetracks
  • animal centers like sanctuaries
  • fairs and festivals, like art shows, balloon races, food truck rallies, etc.
  • lakes and beaches
  • museums

Jot down anything that sounds interesting, the date and time, and pricing details. Also note the website so you can find it again later if necessary. You may have events competing for the same date, or you may end up with waaaay too many options so you’ll need to narrow it down to what appeals more and fits with your schedule and budget.

Having trouble finding local events? You might have better luck searching the closest big city.

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Creating Your Summer Bucket List - Bucket lists are so fun! Even if you school year-round, you can take advantage of the extra activities available when public school is out. #homeschool #bucketlist #summer #allthehomeschoolthings

Think up ideas you can do at home. This could be something as simple as popcorn and a movie, or maybe building a fire and roasting marshmallows for s’mores as a special treat. Here are some other ideas you could do at home:

  • sleep outside (in a tent in your backyard, or a sleeping bag on your back screened-in porch)
  • make a blanket fort
  • make smiley face pancakes
  • play hop scotch
  • have a water balloon fight
  • host a tea party
  • make a dessert popular in a foreign country (flan, baklava, churros)
  • have a homeschool art showing
  • learn origami
  • make ice cream
  • plant some kind of garden (herbs are easy, so are cherry tomatoes)
  • do a woodworking project with Dad (please don’t forget to include Dad in your bucket list!)
  • arrange a neighborhood block party
  • have a cookout
  • learn an instrument
  • write and perform a short play
  • pretend to be a news reporter and give the evening news
  • make up a dance routine
  • make a fun hat (you can get supplies from a craft store)
  • hang a bird feeder (these are easy to make at home)
  • do a backyard scavenger hunt

And on and on and on! As you can see, most of these are absolutely free or very inexpensive. Some require more planning and preparing. Use your imagination here! There is something for every budget and schedule.

Finalize your list and rewrite it as a checklist. Hang it somewhere prominent and be sure to enlist your kids’ help in deciding what to do when, then let them check it off.

What are your favorite summer bucket list activities? Let me know in the comments!

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