Big List of Virtual Field Trips

As I write this, we are under “stay at home” orders due to the coronavirus debacle. I have realized that while many brick and mortar school families are turning to temporary homeschooling, I’ve completely lost my groove. Our homeschool is heavily reliant on field trips! And we aren’t able to go almost anywhere now. Our state parks are closed, national parks and monuments are closed, many businesses are not able to open due to government restrictions based on if they are “essential” or not (they’re pretty essential for the employees and owners, but that’s a tangent for another time). Needless

The Art and Science of Snowflakes

For many children (and adults), waking up to snowflakes falling is a wondrous event. There is something special in seeing the sunlight reflecting off individual flakes as they fall to the ground to create piles of rolling snow to be played in later in the day. What makes snowflakes so special? Is it because a snowstorm might mean a day off from school or getting to build a snowman? It goes far beyond that…we are homeschoolers, after all.

How I Finally Realized That Relaxed Homeschooling is the BEST Approach

I always knew something was a little different about my oldest – that was one of the main reasons I decided to look into homeschooling in the first place. We had her in kindergarten at the local public school, and we had some issues regarding her spirited behavior. She was a great kid, and she actually never got in trouble, but at her conferences, we had teachers explaining to us that one day she will have issues if we don’t get her hyperactivity under control and teach her how to be calmer. Basically, she wasn’t fitting their box and that

Get Your Kids Active with Fitness 4 Homeschool

We have had some time to work with the Fitness 4 Homeschool Physical Fitness Curriculum from Family Time Fitness and I have to say, they have thought of absolutely everything for a well-rounded physical education program for homeschoolers! I am excited to bring you this review as I think it’s a product that is very necessary and often overlooked when we are planning our homeschool curricula and activities. I think most of us have kids who are pretty active, as kids are active by nature, but are you really taking the time to guide them in this process and be

How to Become a Learning Family

When you hear the word education, what comes to mind? Is it school? Do you think a degree equals education? While schooling and earning qualifications are a part of education, they are not everything. Education is a process and experience, not just a checklist to complete. Education really begins long before any schooling does. It is experienced first in the home through family interactions, listening to stories, and experiencing the world around you. You may wonder when education ends, in truth, it never should. Continual education is the hallmark of a prosperous mind and life. Everyone knows that continuing education

14 Winter Nature Studies Guaranteed to Break Up the Winter Blues

Are you feeling the winter blues yet? Waiting for what seems like an eternity for summer to get here? Sounds like you need something to break up those winter blues! I have to admit, winter can get cold and dreary, but it can also be fun, exciting, and educational. Have you tried incorporating winter nature studies into your homeschool yet? If you have tried them and need some inspiration on new winter nature studies, or if you haven’t and need some ideas on how to get started, you’ve definitely come to the right place! There are so many ways to

By the Way Book Series: Connecting God, Geography, and History

I recently realized that geography is a subject that has been quite lacking in our homeschool, so I was excited for the chance to review the Ireland title from By the Way. Ireland is steeped in religious history and knowing that the By the Way Book Series is written from a Christian viewpoint, I was looking forward to seeing how it incorporated faith into the book. There are many other titles; these are mostly US-based (e.g., Smoky Mountains and New York City) so Ireland is their first international title, from what I can tell.   View this post on Instagram   I

How to Homeschool When You Have Littles Running Around

Here, read pages 12-15 then answer this question… No! Don’t climb on that! And you do pages 16-20 with this question. No! Don’t dump all the toys… Sister’s schoolwork is not for cutting practice… …or coloring practice! Can we have 5 minutes of quiet time so your brother can focus on his schoolwork? Okay, well I’m not a mama of older homeschooled kiddos, but I do have 2 littles under the age of 3. So I’m pretty sure a scene like that unfolds in your home on the daily when you’ve got littles running around.

Homeschooling with Schoolhouse Teachers

Looking at the site can be overwhelming! There are now over 400 courses available for the whole family and narrowing down what you want to use for your kids (and for yourself) can leave you with your head spinning. Let me walk you through how I use for my family and how to choose which resources will best suit your homeschooling needs. If you haven’t heard of, they are a membership site with hundreds of courses ranging from full semester- or year-long courses to one-off classes; from popular resources such as Drive Thru History to planning tools

Eliminate Digital Homeschool Clutter

Taking care of physical clutter is easy. You look around, see the mess, you can plan out where it should go and what should be tossed, sold, or donated…and you just do it. It’s time-consuming and laborious, and we have all been burned by a buyer in an online yard sale group, but it’s not really that difficult to solve the problem. Digital clutter can be more of a challenge. It’s not always obvious that you even have a problem! You might realize it when you go to look for a file and can’t find it, or you have part