Making the Case for Jesus with Forensic Faith

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Especially if that mystery also involves apologetics, like the book we have been reviewing. It’s called Forensic Faith for Kids and was written by the well-respected J. Warner Wallace and Susie Wallace (published by David C Cook). They have created supplementary materials online at Case Makers Academy, which I’ll discuss further down in this review. J. Warner is a former cold case detective and he uses his investigative skills to not only give insight into how a real detective works a case, but also how kids can make a case for Jesus being the

Kingdom Files: An Up-Close Look at People of the Bible

There are plenty of famous people in the Bible, and there are lots of resources dedicated to teaching kids about them. The Kingdom Files, which we have been reviewing over the last month, are a different way to look at the life and history of these people. These books are geared toward children ages 8 to 12, but I think they would be a good fit for a wider age group (mine are 7 and 5, for reference). We received Who Was Jonah? as well as Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus? These books are writen by Matt Koceich and

Family Bible Lessons with Bible Study Guide For All Ages

Bible Study Guide For All Ages is hands-down the best program I’ve seen for teaching children about the Bible. We have been reviewing the Primary (1st to 2nd grade) student pages with the corresponding teacher guide, as well as the Large Bible Book Summary Cards and the Wall Maps and Timeline Set. It has been an incredible method for teaching about God’s Word. It has brought us closer as a family and I can see true learning happening in my girls. I have been using this with my oldest two girls who are almost 7 and almost 5. We haven’t

Why I Don’t Require Scripture Memorization

Almost every Bible program for kids includes memory verses. I prefer not to use them! I think memorization is a bad way to teach a complex subject when understanding is imperative to practical application. Memorizing God’s Word is a noble thing to reach for, no doubt. And eventually, it WILL happen after enough study (even if not word for word). But for young kids who soak up everything we teach them, be it spoken or unspoken, rote memorization of Bible passages doesn’t seem like the best way to go. Here’s why. This article originally appeared on my old blog, Townsley

T is for Tree, a Beautiful Alphabet Book (Review)

My goal as a homeschool mom is not just to teach my kids their ABCs and 123s. It’s to help them become well-rounded, competent adults who love the Lord. My duty to lead them to Christ is THE highest priority I have as their mother. Reformed Free Publishing Association has put out this beautifully illustrated book for young children that connects the alphabet with scripture. It’s called T is for Tree: A Bible ABC. It was written and illustrated by Connie L. Meyer and intended for kids ages three to six. We received a copy of this hardcover book to

Children’s Books by Christian Author, Kayla Jarmon

We recently had the opportunity to review three children’s books from author Kayla Jarmon. These are digital books that are geared toward young children. We received: A Boy and His Dog Don’t Forget Me (Discussion Book Series, Book 1) Dying is Part of This World (Discussion Book Series, Part 2) Mrs. Jarmon is a Christian author and the two books in the Discussion Series are both based on biblical values while the other has no religious leanings at all. I read them with our children who are ages 6, 4, and 2 (and infant, but she doesn’t exactly have an

Keeping Your Sanity When All Your Kids Are Little

You start out with one baby. He takes up a lot of your time, day and night. But eventually you find your groove and all is well. You might add another baby a year or two later. And now you have two little people to take care of, but no additional help. But eventually you find your groove there, too. Baby #3 comes along. And another. And maybe more after that. You always eventually find a balance and a swing to things, but you often feel like you’re not holding it all together so well. All these little kids who

Bring the Bible to Life with the Planet 316 Story Bible

There are tons of children’s bibles out there! But none have the awesome addition of “augmented reality,” and we were elated to have the chance to review this newfangled way of teaching kids bible stories. The brilliant minds at Planet 316 and WorthyKids/Ideals have done an amazing job and I’m excited to share their products with you. We received the Planet 316 Story Bible and the companion Planet 316 Story Bible App that goes with it. I used it on my iPhone 8 and I think it would have looked even better on the larger screen of a tablet, but

How To Hear God and See Him Moving in Your Life

Having trouble hearing God? God communicates with us in different ways, but the best suggestion you’ll get from most is to get in the Word. How else can you know what to look for if you aren’t familiar with the character of the Almighty? Slowing down is an important part of the equation, too. If we allow ourselves to get lost in the chaos of life, to be busy all the time (and what is “busy” anyway?), how can we sit still for long enough to hear Him? He does tell us to be still and know that He is