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Books of the Bible At-a-Glance Printables

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We recently were able to review a really neat product from a company called Teach Sunday School – a set of reference sheets that summarize each book of the Bible. These Books of the Bible At-a-Glance sheets are downloadable and printable so you can use them anywhere you need to study the Bible and its books.

First I just want to say that we have been taking a break from regular school (almost as soon as we started) due to me having some health issues. Then we all got sick. So we have not used these in the way that I had planned! My initial note about the product when I first saw we would have the opportunity to review it was this:

I struggle with teaching the non-major events to my young kids without just straight up reading the Bible to them (which I should really be much better about). This is an amazing product since it has already done a lot of the work for me in the historical timeline and references available on each sheet. I personally felt sort of unsettled before I finished my first full Bible reading because I wanted like a shortened version of events since all the books jump around in the timeline. Wish I had this product at that time, it would have helped a lot.

My original plan was to go back to our regular Bible study and start using these sheets along with it. When we would start discussing a new book of the Bible, I would review the sheet for that book with them. You could still do it that way, and there are many ways you can use them but they don’t have to be an “extra” to your existing study. They can serve as a reference for you just during your regular Bible readings or you could make this into a study all by itself as they cover a lot of info.

This product is downloadable so you just download it as a pdf file and print as you please. I had some difficulty in downloading it as I was trying to do it from my phone at first. I tried to save it to my Dropbox so I could then download on my computer and print, but it just would not save. I do not think this was an issue from the company; I think Dropbox was just being fussy. I ended up just hopping on my computer and downloading it directly. I skipped some of the pages with suggestions for how to use it and printed the table of contents (so nice to have – and the pages are numbered), the Old Testament and New Testament cover sheets, and the Bible book printable sheets.

I bound it with my coil binder so the pages all stay together and are easy to flip around.

As you can see, the sheets contain quite a bit of information about the books. I love how they are graphically laid out; it is very pleasing to the eye and easy to find information quickly if you are using it for, say, a project where you need to add dates or something. Since each is laid out in the same way, you can easily reference the specific information you’re looking for.

Each printable Bible book information sheet includes:

  • name of the book
  • OT or NT, and which book number it is in that testament (e.g., “NT Book #3”)
  • who wrote the book (very important since not every book is named for its author!) along with if they are a prophet, apostle, etc. (e.g., “The Prophet Jonah” or “Many; King David was the strongest contributor” or even “Unknown” with a bit of context)
  • approximately what year the book was written
  • time period that book covers
  • a “slider” graphic that has the OT on the left and the NT on the right, how many books are in each, and which book number we are talking about on this sheet (see above image for an example)
  • a “claim to fame” for that book
  • famous stories of that book (or problems/issues the book addresses in the case of Revelation)
  • most famous verses of that book
  • important points about the book (this varies for each – some have lots of points and some have only one, and Genesis is presented a little differently)

I do wish that the “slider” had which book that is of the Bible if you go all the way in order instead of starting over at 1 when it gets to Matthew and the New Testament.

I loved piecing through this to find out little tidbits that I didn’t remember from my readings previously, and clearing up who the authors were has helped me get things straight in my head. You really could just read straight through this to get a summary of the major points and people of the Bible. I may end up using it that way with my kids as well, and this will be an excellent resource to keep coming back to over the years.

Overall, I would highly recommend checking out the Books of the Bible At-a-Glance printable sheets! It is not expensive and is a great resource for your homeschool, a family Bible study, or a small group. We had 75 reviewers on this one! Check out what these other moms have to say at the Homeschool Review Crew.

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  1. I paid for at a glance bible reference sheets how do I access them??H?

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