Are Your Mornings a Disaster? (Course Review)

I’m the first to admit I am NOT a morning person. Never was, never will be. Mornings used to be a huge disaster. Like huge. Kids whining about being hungry, a baby crying, a minefield of toys in the living room, and a mama wishing she liked hot coffee because life would be so much easier without having to run a blender or run to a drive thru (which involves carseats and overspending ’cause then everyone HAS to have something since mama gets something). But I digress.

Then Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Mornings course came onto my radar. It wasn’t that expensive and it was a new year so I was in the process of evaluating what I could do differently to make my life less chaotic. Her course was the perfect solution to my morning woes. It helped me create a routine that works for me so I could start my mornings on the right foot and get rid of (or at least diminish) my crankypants attitude.

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The 14-day course is set up so you start off each day with a video of Crystal telling a slice-of-life story, explaining that day’s objectives, and encouraging and motivating you. Don’t worry, the videos are only a few minutes long! I would do the course each morning while eating breakfast and nursing my baby. The whole process only took maybe 10 or 15 minutes. Some days required a bit more thinking but getting started on the course each morning was very important to the process of making over my mornings! I had to commit to it just as I had to commit to following her guidance.

Next, I would read through that day’s section in the downloadable workbook. This offers more encouragement but also a call to action and “homework” to really get me thinking about that day’s tasks. For example, on day 3 she talks about getting your “big rocks” done first. What do you think day 3’s tasks included? Identifying your priorities (aka, the “big rocks” of life).

After your homework is done for that day, there are additional suggestions for readings, videos, or more tasks for you to do to drill down and figure out what you really want your mornings to look like and how you can get to that point.

The course takes you from where you currently are in life, with some areas of life seemingly unmanageable, to identifying what you want from your mornings to get started on the right foot, and breaking things down into chunks to make your mom duties easier. I went from dreading to get out of my warm bed because the demands of the day would begin to being eager for morning so I could enjoy my children and start knocking out my to do list. Sounds crazy but this not-a-morning-person lady started looking forward to mornings! I even caught a sunrise or two.

Alas, I have gotten away from some of the things I’ve learned, so I am going to do the course again (thank goodness for lifetime access!). But the bigger picture is that Make Over Your Mornings taught me strategies to use in shaping my routines…and not just my morning routines. It introduced me to a new way of thinking about things and over time, I have created systems that help me keep my life on track better. I actually didn’t even realize I was doing these things until spring of 2017. Kind of funny how it worked out. But I think I owe some of the credit to this course.

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Start Your Mornings on the Right Foot - The Make Over Your Mornings course by Crystal Paine has been a game changer for my household! #homeschool #allthehomeschoolthings #motherhood

You, too can start your mornings on the right foot after taking this course and evaluating what you can do to streamline the wake up/get up process in your home. It is priced at $17 at the time of this writing, which is an amazing value for all that you get!! The daily videos, the workbook and its tasks, the printables – these are easily worth much more!


Crystal is having a HUGE sale over the weekend from Black Friday to Cyber Monday (11/24/17 – 11/27/17), so check that out if you want to take advantage of any of her awesome courses! Here’s the link to the sale!

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  1. I recently fell in love with Hello Mornings and can’t wait to read Kat Lee’s book, for many of the reasons you stated here. Making peace with mornings has revolutionized my world and my walk wigh god!

    • I saw your post on IG about your mornings going better. I’ll have to look into these!

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