What is the Adrenal Cocktail and Why Do I Drink It Every Day?

What is the Adrenal Cocktail and Why Do I Drink It Every Day?

Fight or flight? Our adrenal glands are in charge of how we react to certain situations. But more importantly, chronic stress can really burn us out by taxing our adrenals too much, too often. These little glands, located above the kidneys, regulate our sympathetic nervous system, which directly and indirectly control so many of our bodily systems.

One simple thing you can do to nourish your adrenals is to drink the adrenal cocktail every day. But what is it and why does it help?

This article originally appeared on my old blog, Townsley Times. If you came here looking for this particular article but thought you were going to a different site, never fear, you’re actually in the right place. 🙂

What do our adrenals do?

The adrenal glands regulate our stress hormones, which are responsible for controlling vital processes such as blood pressure stabilization, glucose usage, converting food to a usable form of energy, inflammatory reactions and immune response to pathogens.

So what?

As mothers, we tend to be busy with many things, worried about at least a few things, and neglecting ourselves to care for others. It is incredibly stressful for our bodies in general, and our adrenals in particular. As we have more children, our bodies become more depleted of minerals and vitamins necessary for good health. I’ve noticed many women say they suddenly hit a point of exhaustion that no longer seems like normal motherhood tiredness. They are getting sick more often, their digestion becomes inefficient, and their bodies just seem to be crapping out on them.

This is often due to adrenal fatigue, where the adrenal glands no longer respond to stress in the right way. This is a vicious cycle, where the hormones are affected, which in turn affects the adrenals, which in turn affects the hormones! It’s a bit of a chicken or egg dilemma.

We don’t actually need to answer the question, though…it doesn’t matter if the chicken or the egg came first because the solution is the same. Enter the adrenal cocktail.

What is the adrenal cocktail, and why do I drink it every day? Nourshing your adrenals is one of the best things a mom can do! And it's so incredibly easy, we should all be making it a priority. #naturalliving #healthymoms #motherhood #homeschool #allthehomeschoolthings #adrenalcocktail

What the heck is in this adrenal cocktail?

Our body works by using vitamins and minerals known as electrolytes to make our cells work as they should. These include potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, phosphate and bicarbonate.

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The adrenal cocktail is really simple to make and it tastes good:

  • 4oz orange juice, preferably fresh squeezed organic, but use what you can
  • 1/4 tsp cream of tartar (potassium)
  • 1/4 tsp natural salt (Himalayan pink, Celtic gray, sea salt, etc. — these provide not only sodium but trace minerals depending on which type of salt you use)

Just combine these together and drink through a straw. The straw picks up anything that doesn’t dissolve very well. I drink mine pretty soon after I make it, which means I don’t really wait long enough for everything to dissolve but the straw gets it all up off the bottom of the glass.

I realize it sounds like a wacky concoction but the cream of tartar has no taste, and the salt combined with the citrus flavor tastes really good. I actually crave it now. You can drink the adrenal cocktail in the morning before you eat and at night before bed, but in my experience, anytime you feel you might need it is fine. It will help balance things so it doesn’t have a specific effect such as waking you up or helping you sleep — it does both depending on what your body needs. I aim for at least once a day, usually mid-morning, but this is largely dependent on the schedule for that day. I do feel it when I get too far into the day without it. It works quickly and is inexpensive but incredibly effective at increasing your quality of life.

What else can I do for my adrenals?

Aside from trying not to stress (haha!), not overdoing it is the best thing you can do for yourself if you are trying to heal your adrenal glands. Our sympathetic nervous system is activated during times of physical stress as well as mental and emotional stress.

Vitamin C is excellent for nourishing the adrenals; you can try to stick to whole food options like camu camu powder. Magnesium helps immensely. A bath with some magnesium chloride flakes and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) can be so relaxing as well as restorative for your adrenals.

Has the adrenal cocktail helped you? What else do you take to heal your adrenals? Leave a note in the comments!

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  2. Wow. This was really interesting. I never get sick, but I do have symptoms of adrenal fatigue. I am going to start making this and drinking it! Thanks 🙂

    • Let me know if it helps! It can take a bit to take full effect since it has to replenish what is deficient and unbalanced, but give it time and I bet you’ll start feeling better.

  3. Hm… this is so interesting and yet out of all the drinks anyone has ever suggested this is one I think I could easily handle swallowing each day. It sure would be worth it to not feel so tired all the time! Pinned.

    • I would love to know your thoughts after trying it a few times!

  4. Do you grind the salt or just add it from the jar?

    • I grind it. I tried using the course ground Celtic gray salt, which is very moist and does not work in a grinder, and it was just as good. I just find day to day use easier with pink salt or sea salt and a grinder. A good thing about that is you can figure out about how many turns of the grinder you need for the 1/4 tsp so you don’t have to measure. It doesn’t have to be exact. 🙂 Hope this helps!

  5. I have been feeling better after using HImalayan salt for about a year. Not so forgetful or tired. I use cranberry juice for my Vitamin C. Thanks for the hint on Potassium in Cream of Tartar.

    • That is great!! Another thing the salt can help with is headaches. I will straight up grind some into my hand and lick it off (sounds gross, saying it out loud, lol) and sometimes my headache will vanish in minutes.

  6. Andrea, how often should I drink this? Also my husband is on a medication where he can’t overdo on the potassium would this cocktail be safe for him to drink?

    • Hi Deborah,
      Typically you can drink it once or twice a day. If someone is on medication that interferes with potassium absorption in some way, I would be cautious and investigate how much potassium exactly he would be getting from this and how much potassium would be enough to interfere with the medication. I would be careful with any supplemental electrolytes since it’s all about balance, and throwing one thing off could throw the whole thing off. For “normal” people, their bodies can regulate this and deal with any excess, but in a heart patient, for example, I would be a lot more careful. Wish I could be more helpful! Best wishes!

  7. I have used this recipe for two days now as I have had trouble sleeping for months now ! A dear lady at my local health food store told me about this ! I can’t even describe how thankful I am . This has been an amazing turn around for me . I have been under a tremendous amount of stress and this drink has worked wonders for me !

    • So happy to hear it!! Also make sure you are getting a good amount of magnesium as they go hand in hand. Thanks for sharing!

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  9. Glad I found this out. I have hypothyroidism and adrenal problems. I have been on an Endocrine supplement for eight months and that’s not working for me. I’m changing doctors anyway. Thank you so much for this recipe.

    • Charlotte, for the thyroid issues, perhaps look into iodine supplementation. I have a family history of hypothyroidism and in pregnancy, I tend to go hypo for several months. I started taking kelp (natural iodine source, I use the pill form from Swanson) and was able to avoid it in my last pregnancy. My thyroid labs are better across the board. It’s 225mcg I believe, although some people believe megadosing is better. Definitely do your research but I do believe the kelp helps me!

  10. Is there any suggestion and how to take this if i seriously can’t stand the salt taste? Even in foods i don’t like much salt taste!!!

    • Hi Stacy,

      It honestly does not taste salty to me. I usually add in my sodium ascorbate (Vitamin C) also AND sometimes a tbsp of apple cider vinegar. All together they all neutralize each other! But if you think it would really bother you, a straw is very helpful. I use a straw anyway to help get everything off the bottom of the glass. Hope this helps!

    • Try mixing it in an unsalted bone broth . It’s delicious Thai way and the only way I can get t down . I don’t like the salted juice taste either

  11. I’m concerned about the amount of sugar in the orange juice. We stopped drinking all juices years ago, so when I drank this (ad yummy as it was) I felt like I was drinking pure sugar.
    Can this help with surges I get during the night that keep me awake? Thanks!

    • Hi Sheri, I can understand your concerns! Fresh squeezed orange juice is best and if you can get some of the pulp in there with the juice, that is better from a glucose management point of view. There are some alternatives to the OJ such as coconut water (which has potassium) and adding vitamin C.

      As far as sugar, interestingly having s but of honey before bed can help with 3am sugar lows. It has to do with how your liver processes glucose. It is a complicated process but basically if your sugar drops, your adrenals send out adrenaline and this can cause night waking as 3am-ish is a common time for sugar lows since your body is busy breaking down sugar as you sleep. That is a very simplified explanation! But hopefully it can give you some insight as to what’s going on. I personally only wake at night now if I’m worrying about something or if my kids wake me (which is often, lol). Pink salt can also help with restful sleep, and that’s in the adrenal cocktail so maybe if you try this before bed it would be most helpful to you.

    • Sheri. I use Santa Cruz organic Lemon Juice.

    • I do this combo using water with fresh lemon and/or lime. No sugar. That works too. When not eating sugar, the body STILL does what is should, when properly hydrated with replenished electrolytes. So try that instead if you do a no sugar diet.

  12. Would this cocktail help me sleep better. I haven’t slept good in months. I lost over 30 lbs since March and I started having really bad anxiety and depression attacks after I started losing weight and doctor put me on a antidepressant which killed my stomach. If I do sleep it’s not a good deep sleep.

    • Hi Nicole, thanks for your comment and I’m sorry for your anxiety and depression. Personally, pink salt helps me sleep! I grind a little into my hand and just lick it off. Lol So yes I do think the adrenal cocktail can help you sleep! See my other reply to someone about using honey for sleep also.

      One thing I might suggest for depression is fish oil. I usually use it postpartum and it helps with baby blues. There is a particular ratio of DHA to ELA that helps with brain chemistry. Maybe check into that!

  13. Hi Andrea, I’m glad I found your recipe and explanation of the Adrenal Cocktail. My PA suggested it at 10 am & 2 pm. Their recipe is a little different…4 oz coconut water (with lowest sugar) 1/4 tsp. sea salt & juice of 1 lime. I have breast cancer and on the Keto diet (as suggest per the PA).I talked to a lady that has done the same protocol I’m on (she had breast cancer and just got good results from her blood work). She makes a double dose…hers
    is the juice of a whole lemon in 16 oz of water and 1 tsp salt (I use either sea salt or the pink Himalayan) and 1/2 tsp. Cream of tartar. She done more research on this and Keto, saying coconut water doesn’t work well with Keto. TMI …. So, my question is, do you think this would be helpful for my parents? My mom says she has no energy anymore (she is only 85 & dad is 90). Neither of them take any prescriptions!! And thank you Jesus, they haven’t been sick for at the last 2-3 years. I’m starting this cocktail with lemon or lime juice, but thought orange juice for them, if you think it would be ok. Sorry for such a long post, glad I found your post!!! Thanks for all your time!!

  14. I just buy it off Amazon and mix with water. Take 10 am and 2 pm daily

  15. Re: the adrenal cocktail recipe that consists of 4oz coconut water, 1/4t sea salt, & the juice of 1 lime. Does this recipe not have the cream of tartar because the potassium comes from the coconut water? Does anyone know?

  16. I use diet cranberry juice due to avoiding high sugar content…cranberry juice is also a good source of vC

  17. This sounds great! I’d like to try this, doing the coconut water version. Can someone confirm quantities?
    4 oz coconut water
    1/4 tsp pink salt
    Juice of one lime
    Also cream of tartar??

  18. Hi , I tend to drop in to fatigue badly in afternoons , about 1pm , so what time is best to take this cocktail ?
    If I was to take about 9.15 am and then two o’clock or would bedtime be best ?

  19. Can you drink this more than twice a day? My fatigue is off the charts and I’ve been battling hashimotos for a year and a half now.

  20. Hello
    I have been doing this cocktail for 5 days now I’ve notice the difference after 1st time drinking I’m also hypo now my question is it safe to do this every day twice a day or I should do it twice a day for a month and then cut down to once a day. Or I can take it on regular basis I don’t take any drugs for my thyroid everything i take is natural supplements and organic diet.

  21. Can I use water and lemon instead of orange juice if so how much of each? Thanks for your help

    • I honestly am not sure. I think coconut water is typically what is recommended as an alternative liquid and then you can skip the cream of tartar.

  22. I use vitamin C powder instead of orange juice. I am doing keto and not suppose to have fruit. Working well for me. 🙂

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