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I’m Andrea, thanks for stopping in!

I’m a 30-something mama to five so far. We love the Lord and we also love freedom. We homeschool so we can instill our own values into our kids instead of allowing them to be raised by schools with a culture we disagree with. I believe any family could (and should) homeschool if they are willing to put forth the effort in spite of their given situations.

You don’t have to agree with my educational philosophies, and most resources I create don’t have any kind of bias at all – they are neutral when it comes to faith, worldview, politics, etc. Any products that do lean in the direction of my own beliefs are clearly marked as such so you can shop for items that fit into the beliefs of your own household. I will never shy away from my faith or stop proclaiming the goodness of God or the power of Jesus’ work on the cross, but I will respect that not everybody believes the same.

I seek to also provide some much-needed encouragement for homeschool moms. It can be a tough road to travel, and I would not want someone to give up due to feeling isolated, incapable, frustrated, or stressed out. In addition, I do products reviews, so you can find new resources that might work for your homeschool. I value honesty above all else, so you can trust that I will be open and fair.