You CAN Homeschool! 9 Homeschool Myths Debunked

Homeschool myths were huge concerns for me when I decided I wanted to homeschool! I have to be honest and say that I didn’t think that I was fit to be a homeschool mom after hearing these things from other people. But once I discovered that these are only myths, the idea of homeschooling became so much easier to grasp.

Today I want to share with you the nine most commons myths about homeschooling. You, too, can homeschool your children once you can see beyond the myths floating around about homeschooling.

Thank you to Sharla of Minnesota Country Girl for this guest post in the Ready, set, homeschool! blog party.

Homeschool Myth #1: Parents are unqualified to teach unless they have a degree

Personally, I have a degree (although, nowhere near a degree in education), but I can tell you not all homeschool families are alike! I bet there are more homeschool moms without a degree than there are moms who do. There are so many resources out there, you will be perfectly fine not having a degree! Plus, you get to teach with hands-on, real-world experiences and not just from a book. Something you won’t find in public school.

Homeschool Myth #2: Your kids won’t have any social skills and will be weird and awkward

First of all, let me say that just because we homeschool doesn’t mean we don’t get out and socialize! My son is still allowed to play sports through public school and he LOVES to see his old friends from when he was in public school. There are so many other programs and places homeschoolers go to socialize out there…homeschool co-ops, 4-H, sleepovers with friends, church, library, play dates, etc., etc. Just because your child isn’t stuck in a desk at school doesn’t mean he’s locked in the house homeschooling at the dining table!

If you’re still concerned, check out my social skills section on my Pinterest page for more socialization resources!

Homeschool Myth #3: All homeschool kids are religious freaks

There are so many reasons why people choose to homeschool nowadays…you have your own reasons, right? School shootings, bullying, Common Core, and the list goes on, so the answer to that myth is a big fat NO! Religion is not the only reason for homeschooling these days. I can tell you from the homeschool Facebook groups I am a part of, a lot of moms are actually looking for secular homeschool curriculum.

Homeschool Myth #4: Homeschool is child abuse

There are a handful of families who have been in the news for claiming to homeschool their children but in reality, were abusing or neglecting them. Here’s a resource that explains in detail the fact that homeschooled children are at no greater risk of abuse than their public- and private-schooled counterparts. In fact, the opposite is true: brick-and-mortar students are more likely to be abused by either parents or school faculty! So, homeschooling is absolutely NOT some kind of hotbed for abuse like the media may portray due to the rare event of one abused child (or family) who makes the news.

Constitutional Literacy by Michael Farris

Homeschool Myth #5: Your kids won’t get into college or the military

I cannot say enough how untrue that is! There are many homeschooled children who go on to college or the military. In fact, a lot of homeschool children dual-enroll while still in high school to acquire college credits even before they graduate. Furthermore, the HSLDA has fought for the rights of homeschoolers to be accepted into the military under the same qualifications as public or private schooled children. Needless to say, this myth is completely false!

Homeschool Myth #6: You have to teach 6-8 hours a day

You really don’t have to spend an hour on each subject like a regular public school does. You’re giving your child one-on-one time which allows them to understand their work much easier. Plus, you can teach them according to their learning style and not a one-size-(doesn’t)-fit-all model like public schools do. Every homeschooler has a plan for teaching their children and these vary widely.

Homeschool Myth #7: You need to be a stay-at-home parent to homeschool

You’ll be surprised but this is further from the truth than you may think! There are so many families and even single parents who work full-time and still manage to homeschool! You can connect with these parents in various groups and find out more about how they structure things if this applies to your family’s situation. Check out my list of Facebook homeschool groups – it has an individual list of homeschool groups just for single and working parents.

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Homeschool Myth #8: Homeschool doesn’t prepare your kids for the real world

This is my favorite homeschool myth to debunk. You get so much more training for the real world than a public school will EVER teach. In fact, colleges want homeschooled kids more than kids who attended public schools because they know how to learn! Plus, your kids learn more hands-on everyday tasks than most kids. And we teach our kids things that public school doesn’t teach to prepare them for the real world like budgeting, balancing a checkbook, and all that good stuff.

Homeschool Myth #9: You have to be wealthy to homeschool

This could be farther from the truth than any other myth on this list! There are so many resources out there with free homeschool material and curriculum. There are many factors at play:

  • how much work you want to put into finding the resources (sometimes inexpensive or free materials are harder to find)
  • how hands-on you want to teach (this requires supplies and not just books and paper)
  • how independently you want your child to learn (e.g., online programs can cost more)
  • what your budget is (this might include some sacrifice in other places in order to afford your desired curricula).

It’s all a matter of preference and after all, there is no one right way to homeschool your child!

I have a HUGE resource if you want to homeschool your child for FREE! You can sign up for my Giant List of Free Homeschool Resources in which there are hundreds of websites out there where you literally can homeschool for FREE!

So there you have it, ladies & gents! Your nine homeschooling myths debunked! Whether you are homeschooling and having doubts or only in the beginning stages of preparing to homeschool, you should be glad that you ARE capable of homeschooling your child and that NONE of these myths hold any water.

Soooo…was this helpful? Are there any myths that I didn’t cover? Drop a comment below and tell me your thoughts!

Thanks, everyone!

Your Minnesota Country Girl,

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