5 Backyard Fun Ideas for Summer

5 Backyard Fun Ideas for Summer

This week, we are moving from the midwest back down to Florida. My hometown actually! I have mixed feelings about it, but let’s not dwell on that. I am choosing to focus on the positives, and a HUGE one is that we will have a fenced backyard again!

For four long years, we have lived in places that either don’t have a yard at all, only have a small patio area, or one house we lived in didn’t have a fence or really any backyard to speak of, but we did have a cul-de-sac. Not exactly the same! But we found a house this time (ranch style, with no stairs! Another thing to be excited for!) with a great backyard and I am so looking forward to it…for my kids’ sake and also my own.

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5 Backyard Fun Ideas for Summer - Take advantage of your own backyard. Your kids will love these ideas! #allthehomeschoolthings #summer #backyard

Water Play

Florida is the sunshine state. It gets incredibly hot for many, many months of each year. I remember cooling off outside as a kid with water balloons and a slip ‘n slide, but there are even more ways to have fun nowadays! (And by the way, the slip ‘n slides they have now are much improved.)Other fun options are a water table for your littles, a sprinkler or one of those toys that connects to your hose and twirls water around, a water obstacle course, a little blow up pool, or heck, just get the hose out and let them have at it.


Plant a garden. It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t even have to be veggies. Beautiful perennials are still a good learning experience and easy on the eyes. Containers or raised beds also work! You can plant around the perimeter or in a spot that is sunny and convenient for watering. Make sure to enlist your kids to help you – they’ll relish the opportunity to dig, then to water, and pick any veggies or flowers when it’s time.

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5 Backyard Fun Ideas for Summer - Take advantage of your own backyard. Your kids will love these ideas! #allthehomeschoolthings #summer #backyard

Use Your Patio

Put that unsightly concrete slab to good use! It’s great for sidewalk chalk drawings, creating a hop scotch board, playing games like tic tac toe, jumping rope, the list goes on. If you don’t have a concrete patio, pavers put together can give you a little hardscaping that works almost as well and you can put it anywhere you want.

Get a Picnic Table

A sturdy wooden picnic table can double as school space, a nature study desk, and a place where it’s okay to eat popsicles and Mom won’t mind the mess quite as much. On nice days, you can take your lunch right outside and eat as a family without having to worry about sitting in ants. You might want to locate the picnic table in a shady spot so you can enjoy the outdoors even on days when it’s blazing hot out. Or purchase a canopy to put it under!

Utilize Your Entire Yard

The rest of your yard is good for running, jumping, doing cartwheels, looking for bugs, setting up an obstacle course or a scavenger hunt, doing yard games like cornhole or “yard-zee.” There are TONS of fun ideas if you look for yard games on Amazon.

Don’t forget to consider going up with a treehouse, swing set, or monkey bars of some sort.

Bonus – Adult “Toys”

Stuff for adults can make your yard a fun place, too. A fire pit in one corner of the yard and a grill on the patio are perfect for when evenings are cooler. If you have a privacy fence, you can also hang interesting outdoor art or a bird house so it doesn’t look like a regular boring ol’ fence.

What are your favorite backyard activities for summertime?