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As my site has grown, it has become more difficult for readers to find what they’re looking for. I have decided to rearrange things and I hope this will be more helpful when it comes to finding specific posts. You can always do Control + F and type a keyword, or use the search box (top right on the sidebar on desktop, scroll down until you see it on mobile). Please also check out my Teachers Pay Teachers shop for a few Spanish resources.

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For the Homeschool Mom



Language Arts

Life Learning


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Unit Studies

The Arts

Beginner Art Lessons with ARTistic Pursuits

Crafting Fun With Zirrly Super Beads (Review)

Kids Will Be Kids – Magic Stix to the Rescue! (Review)


Books of the Bible At-a-Glance Printables

Bring the Bible to Life with the Planet 316 Story Bible

Children’s Books by Christian Author, Kayla Jarmon

Family Bible Lessons with Bible Study Guide For All Ages

How To Hear God and See Him Moving in Your Life

Kingdom Files: An Up-Close Look at People of the Bible

Making the Case for Jesus with Forensic Faith

Parenting Help for Christians (Review)

Resurrection Day Resources

T is for Tree, a Beautiful Alphabet Book (Review)

Teaching Your Kids Biblical Truths

Why I Don’t Require Scripture Memorization

For the Homeschool Mom

Crunchy Life

5 Steps to a Natural Lifestyle

The Crunchy Mama’s Birth Plan

Herbal Tea for Pregnancy

I Don’t Use Deodorant and You Shouldn’t Either

My Favorite Home Remedies for Sick Season

What is the Adrenal Cocktail and Why Do I Drink It Every Day?


5 Strategies for Coping With Toxic People – The Negative Nancies, Buttinskies and Sociopathic Susans

Keeping Your Homeschool Priorities Straight

Homeschooling the Gifted Child

In the Interest of Being Honest….

There’s Always Something New to Learn


Top Tips for New Homeschool Moms

We Are Those Weirdo Homeschoolers

When Doubt Comes Creeping In – Christian Encouragement for Your Homeschool

You CAN Homeschool! 9 Homeschool Myths Debunked

Home Management

5 Quick But Meaningful Ways to Connect With Your Kids

5 Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

5 Things I Wish I Knew As a First Time Mom

Are Your Mornings a Disaster? (Course Review)

Guard Your Time: 7 Tips for Homeschoolers

How to Homeschool When You Have Littles Running Around

Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair Review

Keeping Your Sanity When All Your Kids Are Little

Kids Aren’t Expensive – It’s Your Lifestyle

Let’s Talk Car Seat Safety

Need to Spruce Up Your Decor? (Review)

Homeschool Planning and Organization

Before Homeschooling High School Do These 3 Things

Eliminate Digital Homeschool Clutter

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Homeschool Plans

Homeschool Planning Overwhelm — Banished!

Homeschool Schedules and Routines

How to Stop Stressing Over Homeschool Planning

Minimalist Homeschool Organization

Planning Your Homeschool Year

What Should I Keep in My Child’s Portfolio?

Homeschool Styles

Enhance Your Homeschool With Unit Studies

Gentle Homeschooling with Daily Rhythms

Gifts for Homeschoolers – Need Ideas?

Homeschooling with Movie-Based Unit Studies

Homeschool Styles and How to Choose What Works for YOUR Homeschool

How I Finally Realized That Relaxed Homeschooling is the BEST Approach

How to Become a Learning Family

Minimalist(ish) Stocking Stuffers

Non-Book Learning for Your Homeschool

The Relaxed Homeschooler’s Guide to Picking Curriculum

Unit Study Planning

What are notebooking pages?

Recipes and Meal-Planning

A Quick Start Guide to Meal Planning

All About Grocery Pickup

Easy Prep Gluten-Free Breakfast Potatoes

Finally…a favorite chili recipe!

Freezer Cooking with Once a Month Meals (Mommin’ Made Simple)

Get Back on Track with Meal Planning After the Holidays

Once a Month Meals Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts


By the Way Book Series: Connecting God, Geography, and History


5 Things to Love About Home School in the Woods

Children’s Books by Award-Winning Author, Carole P. Roman – An Honest Review

Hands-On Music History

The Master and His Apprentices – Apologetics and Art

YWAM Publishing Unit Studies – Heroes of History

Language Arts

CursiveLogic Review – Help for Writing AND Reading

Progeny Press Literature eGuides

Reading Kingdom – Our Knight in Shining Armor

Spelling Help with Memoria Press

Life Learning

5 Backyard Fun Ideas for Summer

5 Ways to Celebrate NOT Back to School

10 Sanity Savers When You Need a Homeschool Break

Can your babies swim?

Creating Your Summer Bucket List

Ideas for Homeschoolers for Rainy Days (and Snowy Days and Hot Days and…)


Stop Math Struggles in Their Tracks with These 10 Tips

Miscellaneous Curricula

Brush Up on YOUR Math Skills With Math Essentials (Review)

Christian Homeschooling Options with

Homeschooling with Schoolhouse Teachers

Improve Your Concentration With a Single App


Smart Kidz Radio Review

Physical Education

5 Homeschool PE Ideas to Keep Your Family Active

Get Your Kids Active with Fitness 4 Homeschool


Preschool Busy Bag with Pom Poms and Tongs + Free Printable



A&P for Kids, From a Christian Worldview


Lower Elementary Science Unit Studies


14 Winter Nature Studies Guaranteed to Break Up the Winter Blues

The Art and Science of Snowflakes


5 Awesome Things About Code for Teens

The Big List of Virtual Field Trips

Unit Studies

FREE Dairy Unit Study